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Your personal packing providers in Kent

Let’s be honest: if there’s one thing few people enjoy about moving house, it’s the packing. Putting all of your belongings into boxes in preparation for the moves can be an exhausting and time-consuming task.
Fortunately, for our customers across Kent, we can help you out. Since 2012, we have assisted the people of Folkestone, Canterbury, Ashford, and Romney Marsh (among other places) with their packing needs, earning ourselves a well-deserved reputation as a company you can trust.

A hand-tailored packing experience

With everyone’s circumstances being unique, it stands to reason that no two packing solutions will be the same. At Farrant Removals, we make sure that yours will meet all of your specific requirements. Whether you’re just after a few boxes and some bubble wrap, or you need a hand packing up an entire house full of belongings, we’re there for you.

Full and part packing service

When you hire us to pack up your belongings, we take great pains to ensure everything is wrapped up safely, guaranteeing its secure transit to your new property. Our removals experts bring over twenty-five years of collective experience to every packing job, so they know what’s expected of them.

Fragile packing service

Maybe you don’t need us to handle all of your packing for you. Maybe you just need our assistance when it comes to the more fragile items in your house – picture frames, flat screen TVs, delicate glassware, collectable figurines, and the like. That’s fine by us. Our job is to make sure you’re happy with the packing service you’ve requested, however large or small.

Export wrapping service

Whether you’re travelling abroad yourself, or simple sending a cumbersome item to friend or family overseas, you must ensure that everything is are properly wrapped and labelled before chancing it to make it through customs. With their decades of experience, our team understands the best ways to wrap and label items intending to leave the country.

Packing boxes and materials

Of course, some people prepare to do it on their own. If you’re one of those people, we can arrange for you to receive high quality boxes and other forms of packing material to help you out.

Your local packing experts

We deliver packing solutions right across Kent, including to our valuable customers in Ashford, Folkestone, Romney Marsh, Canterbury, and beyond.

Get in touch

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